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  Design, manufacture and process development of large size in-line
.....magnetron sputter to replace electroplated coating process, which
.....causes pollution.
  Development of batch type vacuum coating system using arc source
.....and magnetron source
Development of Non-pollution high rate vacuum coating unit and
.....process for cylinder and pipe inside coating
  Development and localization of conductive ceramic coating tray for
.... replacing complex extrusion tray, which prevents the surface
.....static electricity for semi-conductor IC packaging
Design and manufacture of cryosorption panel, high vacuum pump
.....and.large Vacuum Chamber for Neutral Beam Injection in the heating
.....unit of.nuclear fusion test reactor
  Design and manufacture of Interface Components, a beam drawing
.....tester, to be installed between Ion Source and Neutral Beam Injection
.....Chamber of Nuclear Fusion Test reactor
  Design and manufacture of round drawer type ion source accelerator,
.....which accelerate ion beam generated by ion source of nuclear }
.....fusion test reactor
Development of magnetron sputtering system for 14inch glass coating
Development of Multi-Source Magnetron Sputtering System
  Engineering design of KSTAR PFC (Plasma Facing Components)
.....and prototype manufacture of inboard limiter in PFC
Design and manufacture of ion beam neutralizer for nuclear fusion
.....test reactor
Development and prototype manufacture of flexible thermal shield to
.....maintain the super conductive cable at lowest temperature
Development of batch type PVD system for installing 4 sets of high
.....efficiency large area rectangular magnetron source
  Research and development of manufacturing technology for welding
.....type large aluminium vacuum chamber
Development of batch type PVD equipment for installing 6 sets of
.....high efficiency 4" round magnetron source
Prototype Manufacture of thermal shield to maintain Tokamak
.....vacuum chamber at lowest temperature