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This unit is designed to refine and recycle various surface treatment chemicals, electro deposition paints and washed acids.
  This unit uses ion exchange resin (IR) and reverse osmotic pressure membrane (RO).
  This unit control of solid particles (non volatile) in the electro deposition paint tank.
  The liquid in the electronic coloring tank of the aluminium surface treatment facility will be controlled using the ion exchange resin for its Na+ ion absorption and pH level. Thus, the condition of the liquid in the tank will be maintained at a certain level.
  This unit uses the anionic ion exchange resin to control the concentration of the metal ions in the wasted acid and refine them to extend the life of the acid and improve the quality of the products.
  Waste hydrochloric acid will be recovered by this heating mode facility. Iron oxide will be by product from this process.
  The dissolved aluminium in the etching tank liquid will be converted into aluminium hydroxide to be educed and then, separated by a centrifugal separator to be removed. The recycled caustic soda liquid will be fed into the caustic tank to be recycled.